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My Tinnitus Club
Frieder Kuehne

Welcome to My Tinnitus Club

Tinnitus = transformed! Online learning + the most positive community = your best life despite T!

About MyTinnitus.Club

Online learning combined with a powerful community, is just what you need to finally leave tinnitus behind! 

We offer a 3-day free trial, cancel anytime!

24/7 WhatsApp Tinnitus Support chat included!


Hey and welcome to the community. This is Frieder, your host. Born deaf in one ear with a hearing aid and with severe tinnitus in the other ear, I know the challenges of tinnitus. Having coached hundreds of people worldwide on managing tinnitus, I now strive to build the most positive online tinnitus management community. Welcome!

This community has a large repertoire of online courses, and weekly tinnitus management videos and is a place where you learn how to tackle the challenges with tinnitus head-on. 

Whether sleeping better or finally getting a grip on your tinnitus anxiety, you get the right tools to tackle your biggest challenges all while sharing positive progress and connecting with other members. 

Together we'll enable you to live your best life despite tinnitus. See you on the inside!

Why You Should Join

If you are fed up struggling with tinnitus day in and day out, you have come to the right place. 

The courses, weekly videos and the group coachings in this community are based on the latest science and my experience of working with hundreds of people with tinnitus worldwide. 

Upon joining this community you have access to online courses, watch weekly videos, and join our frequent live events. You even have the option to connect with other members with tinnitus who live in your area, and who knows, maybe make some new friends ;)

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