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We help people overcome and reduce tinnitus using science-based non-invasive methods taught by us.

All i can say about this tinnitus program is: wow, I wished I had found it sooner! 

Frieder has been amazing in my journey with my tinnitus and has guided and supported me to better times. The club is also full of lovely people willing to share their stories and offer their help. 

If you are struggling and are thinking of joining, do it you will not regret it! 

You will never feel like you are on your own dealing with this condition again.”

- Dawn (UK)

Learn to leave Tinnitus behind successfully.👂🏼

Join our tried and tested science-based tinnitus program. Through our online courses, educational videos, and the chance to connect with people positively and worldwide, you can start putting tinnitus where it belongs: IN THE BACKGROUND. And ultimately habituate to it.

What do You Get when you join the club?

🌟 Course Content and Coaching based on years of experience:
Dive into exclusive modules and coaching sessions grounded in the latest research on tinnitus. Our coaching approach combines evidence-based techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. Through our courses and frequent coaching sessions we guide you toward genuine relief. The program is based on my own experience of working with over 500+ people with tinnitus in the past.


🌟 A Supportive Ecosystem Tailored to You:
Engage with a dedicated community of individuals on similar tinnitus journeys. Exchange insights, seek advice, or simply find solace in shared experiences. Together, we champion success stories and navigate challenges. We are a managed pool of success stories!

See what current members say:👋

"This is the best thing I have done for my tinnitus:" 

"You have been that light at the end of the tunnel"

Our Club is for You If...

🌟 You are looking for Tailored Guidance for your individual Tinnitus Situation:
Whether you're just starting your tinnitus journey, seeking advanced strategies, or anywhere in between, our resources are meticulously designed to cater to every pitch, volume and stage of tinnitus. We're committed to guiding you toward effective relief and ultimately habituation.

🌟 You are looking for: A Personalized Approach to getting Relief:
Every individual's experience with tinnitus is unique, and so should be the approach. Our community is dedicated to understanding your specific needs and challenges. By providing a many resources and strategies, we aim to guide you toward a path that resonates amazingly with your personal journey. Towards habituation!

🌟 You are looking for: Empowering Yourself in Everyday Life:
We recognize the ripple effect of tinnitus on daily routines and relationships. Our mission goes beyond just managing the sound — we provide actionable steps and support to enhance all aspects of your life, ensuring tinnitus doesn't define you. We help you to claim your old life back!

🌟 You are looking for: A Resilient Attitude where Tinnitus no longer matters:
Tinnitus' intensity varies, sometimes even on a daily basis. But everyone's right to a confident and positive outlook remains consistent. Dive into our vast catalogue of habituation techniques, inspirational stories, and daily motivation, all aimed at helping you thrive amidst whatever noise you may be experiencing.

Here are some more things people say about our community:

“Hi to the group and whole community. I have been part of this group for a while now and there is a world of difference from before! The angst and anxiety levels went way down very soon after joining. The continuing coaching and group coachings have been fantastic. After searching the internet (unfortunately) too much, this group is the most positive, helpful and safe place to be in. A place that gives hope to me and others here that we CAN habituate to tinnitus and live 'our best lives' (as Frieder always says). Thank you Frieder for all your help!” - Phyllis (Israel)

"Connecting with others and knowing they are going through the same as me - not alone. Frieder does an amazing job leading us. The amount of content available to help me in my journey to habituation is *****." - Janelle (USA)

"Habituation is possible. I was so scared and anxious for about 4 months, I researched all the good and the bad. I read that 95% of everyone with varying levels of tinnitus can habituate. I was convinced I would be the 5%. I am not, especially with Frieder’s help to keep my emotions in check. With an attitude change, and acceptance, I don’t hear it anymore, my brain totally ignores it…."Matthew (USA)

"Hello community. Another tinnitus win this week. 😎 today I realized that I was working and sitting in almost silence. (my bird sounds were very very low). I didn't even realize my tinnitus until just now when I focused back to it while taking a break from my work. I'm very happy with this as it's been a year since i've really been able to be OK with silence. It's still there, but not bothering me - today anyway. 🤩🤩" - Petra (Canada)


Of course you can access our Tinnitus Club on any device, mobile, tablet PC or Mac.

Tinnitus management made accessible. 

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